Client in the health sector with annual revenues exceeding $100 million. Has been in existence for over 15 years, but had never received a clean audit.

How FINCOR was able to help?

We took over as interim CFO for the organization; reviewed and updated financial policies and procedures; trained staff; managed implementation of enhanced controls; provided leadership to the finance team; documented approach to the adoption of new IFRS accounting standards; assisted with the recruitment of a permanent CFO; and worked with staff throughout the audit process.

Client in the technology sector with annual revenue of over $1.5 million. Has been in existence for almost 20 years; however, due to the unexpected resignation of key finance staff, management was unable to get key financial information on the business due to reporting and reconciliation being several months behind.
How FINCOR was able to help?

We provided an ACCA qualified staff to take over the financial management of the business on an outsourced basis. We quickly got accounts reconciled, made necessary corrections, and brought the reporting standard up to date.

Non-profit organization with annual revenues circa $1 million. Client had no financial record system, had difficulty in producing reports to key stakeholders, and was unable to meet audit standards or requirements.
How FINCOR was able to help?

We took over as accountants for the organization and fully set up the accounting records and system to improve reporting and accountability. As an independent organization, we assisted in improving the confidence of donor organizations to support the entity; we prepared periodic and annual reports for managing committees and grant organizations; and assisted the organization through its first audit.

Regulatory Agency with annual budget of over $10 million, agency carried out critical function but lacked an accountability framework or an organizational plan linking resource intervention to operational and policy objectives.

How FINCOR was able to help?

We worked with management to develop a 5-year strategic plan which outlined the core focus areas for the organization, the specific resources that will be deployed, and how success will be measured as the plan progressed.

We also prepared staff performance agreements for over 80 employees which linked their annual performance and targets with those outlined in the Strategic Plan.

Client in the culture and arts industry, with an annual spend exceeding $1 million. Has been in existence for over 25 years, but had never received a clean audit.

How FINCOR was able to help?

Fincor took on the full financial management of the organization on an outsourced basis. We reviewed the client’s internal control; created new policies, updated existing ones; cleaned up the accounting records; prepared a comprehensive fixed asset register; and prepared lead schedules and other supporting documentation for each asset and liability account.

Public sector client with asset base of over $300 million across all three Islands. Client was struggling to prove asset existence and value in order to achieve a clean audit opinion.

How FINCOR was able to help?

FINCOR carried out a comprehensive project to identify, record and tag over 35,000 assets across all three Islands. Asset details were uploaded to an online fixed asset management software enabling drastic reduction in time required to do physical counts. Client was able to have qualification point removed, and now has a robust asset management programme in place.

Over 12 public sector agencies who do outstanding work each year, but lack the time, resources and capacity to tell their stories and be accountable to the public through Annual Reports.

How FINCOR was able to help?

Each year, we are entrusted by Ministries, Portfolios, Offices, Statutory Authorities and Government Companies to provide full Annual Reports to the public, outlining their achievements for the year and the interventions made to fulfill the Government’s policy priorities.

A real estate developer with a multimillion-dollar portfolio of properties under development. Company transacts through acquisition development and sale of properties as well as the rental of high-end condominiums. Volume of work requires a qualified accountant, but not someone on a full-time basis.
How FINCOR was able to help?

Developer outsourced the financial recording and reporting for the company’s activities to FINCOR. We maintain all financial records, reconcile accounts, and provide up-to- date reporting that meets reporting requirements for the General Registry and other stakeholders.

Client in the restaurant industry in business for almost 20 years, with annual revenue of over $1 million. The Client’s financial institution required an enhanced reporting regime with financials prepared by a qualified accountant. Client had no formal accounting system in place and mainly ran business with information from point-of-sale system.
How FINCOR was able to help?

FINCOR took over as the accountants for the business on an outsourced basis. We put in place a robust recording and reporting framework that met the requirements of the financial institution, and provided management with key insights into the business to enable informed decision making and growth.

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