Financial Reporting Services

Preparation of Financial Statements

When was the last time someone sat with you and went through the financial statements for your business? Trust FINCOR to provide professional, accurate and complete financial statements in accordance with international standards for your Bank, the Auditors, or your Board.

We will also sit with you to explain what the numbers mean, and the opportunities they present to make your business more efficient and profitable.

Annual Reports

We prepare professional annual reports for several agencies each year. We help management to highlight their organization’s achievements, formulate looking ahead statements and provide accountability to key stakeholders. The annual report is also a great marketing tool that allows organisations to communicate with internal and external stakeholders, attract and retain staff and encourage public support.

For Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) who provide services to the Government, we can also provide reports on actual against budgets for output delivery, help develop cost tracking systems and ensure a robust system of accountability for public funds.

Financial Reporting for Strata Corporations and Non-Profits

Are you part of an organization which handles significant cash resources but you’re not really sure how that money is being spent? FINCOR can help by providing independent third-party reporting for your Strata Corporations, Home Owners Associations, churches, non-profit or other charitable organizations.

We can meet with your Committees, Boards, or other stakeholders to explain the performance of the organization and provide other advisory services.

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