Advisory Services

Public Sector Board support

With over a decade of experience on Public Sector Boards, we can help new or existing Boards navigate the requirements of the Public Authorities Act, understand procurement, understand budgeting, and develop a performance management framework for the CEO or Managing Director.

We can also assist with the development of strategic plans, review of board reports and documents, sit on interview panels, and help the organization stay onside with its legal requirements and remit. Remember, the Board does not manage the organization, it ensures the organization is well managed. Schedule a consultation with us today here.

Management support

Whether you are a private business owner looking to take your business to the next level; preparing to make a pitch to the bank for financing; or struggling with the rigors of keeping up with trade and business licensing requirements, monthly payments, reporting requirements etc. FINCOR can help.

We also provide support to new CEOs and Directors in the Public Sector to better understand the Government Framework, their key roles and responsibilities and meeting requirements under their specific Act. We can also provide guidance on overarching legislation such as the Public Authorities and Public Management and Finance Acts. Schedule a consultation with us today here.

Procurement Management

Do you have a major project and need to prepare a Request for Proposal?

FINCOR can help you navigate the complex requirements of the Procurement Act and public sector procurement policies and procedures.

Business Case Preparation

We have supported entities in preparing Outline Business Cases based on the UK Treasury’s Five-case model for over a decade.

We have acted as management support liaising with big-4 accounting firms preparing Business Cases for multi-million dollar projects, and also led multi- disciplinary teams advising Government on project feasibility, procurement planning, options analysis, financing, and project implementation.


Looking for an experienced team to deliver a workshop on budgeting, financial management, procurement, business case preparation or other public sector financial topics? We have successfully developed and delivered multiple training workshops for Boards, accounting teams, middle managers and staff looking to move up within their Department or Ministry.

The training we offer is not simply theoretical, it is based on actual experience, knowledge of the local processes and legislation which impact our clients in their day-to-day businesses.

Compliance Monitoring

Have you lent or financed a business that is struggling to meet its obligations? We can work with that client to advise on expense management, provide monthly/quarterly reporting on performance indicators, and reduce the risk of default through compliance monitoring and ensuring the business makes the decisions necessary to ensure survivability.

We have assisted numerous financial institutions in this regard. All businesses placed under monitoring with us are still in operation and maintain good relations with their banking institution. Schedule a consultation with us today here.

Notary Services

We offer Notary Public services for official documents required for Banks, Government and regulatory agencies. Our full-time clients also receive this as a complementary service. Please give us a call here for your Notary Public needs.

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