Compliance Monitoring

Output Delivery Compliance

The Government appropriates millions every year to Statutory Authorities and Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) for the delivery of services (Outputs). FINCOR can help to monitor the delivery of those services and provide independent reporting to the Government on the use of Output funding and the delivery of services.

We can also provide independent financial management services to ensure funds are disbursed according to any conditions attached to such funding and are not utilized for unintended purposes.

Fee Remittance Compliance

The Government collects fees from certain private entities which are largely based on the honour system (Tourism Accommodation Tax as an example), FINCOR can do independent compliance checks to ensure entities are properly calculating and remitting their fees to the Government in a timely manner.

Compliance Inspections

Do you have an inspection regime but struggle with the resources to monitor your clients or the sector for which you are responsible? FINCOR can help by augmenting your in-house team to carry out onsite inspections, prepare inspection reports, and follow up on compliance violations. Our team has a firm grasp of the legal and financial requirements for various sectors (such as Designated Non-Financial Businesses and Professions (DNFBP) and can help you fulfill your compliance obligations with independent assurance.

Has your client given an undertaking to reduce costs to ensure they can meet loan obligations? FINCOR can independently review and verify to ensure they are meeting their undertaking to the bank.

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