Accounting Services

FINCOR offers a full accounting package that is turnkey and hassle free. Our customers pay a fixed monthly fee, we provide the office, printer, internet, software, staff, and all other resources necessary to deliver a complete accounting support function for your business. You remain in control of key decisions, and you always have access to your information so you can understand what is happening in your business.

Each client receives a customized service based on their needs, we can either support the staff you have now, or take over the full finance function.

Complete Financial Management

We will work with you as a trusted partner to ensure that the finances of your business are well managed. We have years of experience managing the full accounting cycle from data entry to completion of annual financial statements at a cost that is a fraction of full-time staff.

You didn’t get into business for the Admin work, we free you up to realize your vision and to do what you enjoy by ensuring your clients are invoiced on time, staff are paid, benefits are managed, vendor obligations are settled, and your cash flow supports your long-term goals and obligations. You also get CFO level advisory services from a team of Certified accountants with decades of experience.

Preparation of Annual Accounts

Looking for professional financial statements for your bank or to give your partners, shareholders, or management team a clear understanding of how your business is performing? Trust FINCOR to deliver professional accurate financial statements including management discussion and analysis, supporting notes, charts, and breakdowns.

Our clients receive IFRS and GAAP compliant financials that tell them exactly how their business is performing at agreed frequencies (monthly/quarterly/annually). Give us a call or schedule a consultation here.

Budget Preparations

Are you setting the financial targets for your organization for the upcoming period? Are you looking to work with professionals who can review your proposed spend, show you the impact of your business assumptions and identify opportunities to save costs?

FINCOR can help, we have years of experience helping organizations develop multi-million-dollar budgets, operate more efficiently and present budget information to stakeholders ranging from banks to Parliament.

Compliance Monitoring

Are you a bank looking for a firm to monitor and report on your client’s business as a condition of your loan?

Trust FINCOR to provide objective third-party professional reporting, and to also work with your client providing professional advice to ensure compliance with the loan agreement.

CFO Services

Do you have lower-level bookkeeping staff that do the day to day postings and functions but looking for an experienced qualified accountant to review their work, provide reporting and advice? We offer decades of experience managing the finances of businesses of all levels.

We can provide monthly reviews, ensure clients are billed and money is coming in, bills are being paid, reporting requirements are being met, reconciliations are carried out etc. We also provide support for staff to answer questions, interface with the bank or other stakeholders.

Give us a call or schedule a consultation here.

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